United States Gran Prix Weekend - USGP #2 Derby City International - UCI C1

October 24, 2010

 Rider Team Place Field
B1 Bicycles 
RGF Solutions Cycling Team 
Cat 2-3 
ALAN North American Cycling Team 
Masters 40+ 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 2-3 
  Spencer Hackett: 5th, Open
Spencer Hackett
BATTLE OF THE CENTURY/SS open. Mason Morgan and I battled it out for the coveted Slayer t-shirt we obtained at the Slayer show weeks before. I got it by mere seconds then we drank a ton of beer. The course was a serious tribute to those found in Europe, wide open dirt crit with some serious up hill sluggers that made it hard on a single speed. Can't wait for next year.
  Chris Freter: Field, Masters 40+
Chris Freter
USGP of Cyclocross - The Derby City Cup. Warm, windy, very dusty with a bunch of short steep little hills and the Green Monster run up was back again this year. I raced the Cat. 3 Masters 45+ and out of about 100 starters I finished 43rd. Tuff day, legs where dead to day, due to day of registation my call up was in the back of the field......but I had fun. Count down 30sec....15 sec...bang and we in the back wait about 6 second for everyone in front of us to start racing. It was so dusty the first lap that I could hardly tell where the course went. Coming out of the sand pit I crash, the best part of that was that I could breath and see where I was going, but I lost so much time there was not anything my legs could do to make up the lost distance. I kept chugging till the end. I worked the pits for the Elite-Pro race again. Water feeds were the only thing G.W. needed today. He had a hard day as well, he was down several times today too.........

JC raced well this weekend. He started the very back Saturday and Sunday of a 160+ field due to same day registation and finished 56st day one and 52nd today. WELL DONE, passing 100+ each day.

Back to the Cap City Cross Series next weekend and home. JC ask me about coming back down to Louisville for Storming the Green. I said as much as I want to see my son again 400+ miles of driving, racing on a course I did not like last year.......20 miles to Marysville is fine with me. I will be with him in throught and on the cell phone. Till next week........
  Johnathan Freter: Field, Cat 2-3
Johnathan Freter
Started 2 rows from the back of a 160 man field, had 4-5 mechanicals, and 1 run in with a fellow racer (be be nice.) got 52nd
  Tony "Mini Deal" Viton: DNF, Cat 2-3
Tony "Mini Deal" Viton
Bad weekend. Need to clear my head and start remembering why I started to ride a bike.