Founders Brewing Co. BARRY-ROUBAIX

March 23, 2013

 Rider Team Place Field
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Masters 40+ 
  Pete Czerwinski: 27th, Masters 40+
Pete Czerwinski
Temperatures in high 20's to low 30's with sections of dirt road covered by ice and snow made this years Barry Roubaix difficult and treacherous. About 200 people lined up in the masters 40+ field and as soon as we hit the first sections of ice the demolition derby began. Seeing people crash around me on the ice struck fear in my heart and I slowed down loosing contact with the front group. Sometime later I took a wrong line wound up in a deep rut in the road and crashed rather hard, bruised hip and road rash on my knee and hip. Should consider myself lucky since found out later that there were several people in ER with broken bones and one person had to be Helied out after a heart attack. After my crash still managed to get back to a chase group. Noticed that the pace was slowing with about 15 miles to go (race was 62 miles). At that point picked the pace up when we hit some rollers and TT in. Considering everything still managed a time of 3:16 for 27 place about 16 minutes off
the winning time.